Chairman's Message:

At PIONEER CONVENT SCHOOL, more importance is given to provide.”Quality Education”. By quality education we mean overall development of the student-in Academics, Physical Fitness, Moral Values, Social Behavior, Independence and Attitude.

A good education system does not aim only academic excellence but also something more intrinsic- training to student to become better human beings and good citizens. The very aim of education is to build all-round personalities .

This is not an easy task .It means total involvement of teachers and parents alike. No shifting of responsibilities .Both should be aware of their responsibilities .Both must interact with each other. We must set a goal. We must have a vision for what we wish our children to be.

And all our activities have got to be directed towards this. What is needed is absolute dedication on the part of teachers and parents and whole hearted co-operation between them. The teacher is the kingpin. He has a big role to play to develop the child’s personality. Good and committed teachers are the right agency to mould our children,particulalry,those with aberrations. The teachers can influence the students in many ways-by being a model in discipline, turn-out and punctually, by having an unflinching faith that he will be able to reform the society called bad elements,by dedication, by his sheer personal example in code of conduct .Only then then the teachers will be able to create a deep sense of values-for fellow human beings, for life and for oneself.75% of the time of the student is spent at home. Hence the role of the parents assumes even greater significance .Charity begans at home.

So do politeness,tolerance,truthfulness,piety,mutualrespect and obedience. The only way to teach fair play is to play fair.Exemplary behavior of parents and elders is the need of the hour. This school is fortunate in having a set of dedication staff led by complete section heads with a committed management at its helm. I wish all our students and their parents, principal, teachers and all other staff the very best of luck. I pray that they move forward from success to greater success

The school magzines provides a forum for students to express their creativity and gives them a plateform to share and unfold themselves on the ample canvas made available to them.

i congratulate the Principal, the teachers and students to bringing out lthis inaugural issue after the school attained affiliation with CBSE. I also take this opportunity to thank Almighty who guided and encouraged us all the way whilst we were seeking affiliation with the Central Board Education.

I wish the school a happy new year and pray to God for the school's conditnued success in the all future endeavours.

S. Jaswant Singh Mander
(Tara Educational Trust)

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